Paranormal Dictionary


Apparition-the physical manifestation of a spirit or entity, typically seen with the human eye. This may be something as solid as a human form or something as ethereal as unexplained mists, balls of light, shadow figures etc.

Disembodied Voices-voices that can be heard with the human ear and have no explanation as far as where they may have come from.

EMF-Electromagnetic Field-Electromagnetic energy is naturally occurring and is thought by investigators to help fuel paranormal activity. It is believed that entities can manipulate or even generate these fields. EMF in high enough doses is scientifically proven to cause physical issues such as headaches and nausea as well as mental issues such as paranoia and even hallucinations.


EVP-Electronic Voice Phenomena-these are recordings of voices that were not heard at the time the recording was captured. This is the most common type of proof investigators find during review.

Image matrixing-the phenomena in which the human eye manipulates certain types of patterns into distinctive forms. For example, the reflection of trees on windows can be matrixed by the human eye into a face peering out of the window, or spots on mirrors may look like a form standing behind the viewer.






FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera-as the name suggests, this camera detects and records in thermal imaging. This allows an investigator to detect temperature variances and perhaps see beings or forms that are not visible with the human eye.


Full Spectrum Night Vision Cameras-cameras that record in the full light spectrum (infrared, visible, and ultraviolet). The believe is that certain types of paranormal phenomena appear more visibly in the light spectrums that the human eye is not able to see. These cameras allow for a better chance at capturing hard evidence of the paranormal.


Infrared Night Vision Cameras-Cameras that record with the use of infrared light. The belief is that certain types of paranormal phenomena appear more visibly in the infrared light spectrum, thus making it much easier for an investigator to capture hard evidence.


K2 EMF Meter-this is one of many varieties of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors. This particular device can also be used as a method of communication with an entity due to built-in series of lights that illuminate based on the level of EMF being detected.


Mel Meter-this is one of many varieties of Electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors. This particular device also monitors ambient temperature fluctuations. EMF detectors are one of the prime items in any Paranormal Investigator’s wheelhouse.


Ovilus-There are several different versions of the Ovilus available on the market for investigator use. This device detects environmental changes around it (temperature, humidity, electromagnetic frequencies, etc) and assigns a word from its 3000+ word dictionary based on the type of change. This word is displayed on the device’s screen as well as spoken allowed by the device. The theory is that spirits and entities may be able to learn to manipulate the environment around this device to allow for a basic type of communication with the investigator.


Paranormal Puck-this device monitors EMF, temperature, humidity, light levels, barometric pressure, movement, ionization and static levels. It also has a built-in communication feature that allows, similarly to the Ovilus, for a word or words to be generated based on environmental changes. It also features the ability for an investigator to communicate from a remote location via a tablet, similar to a sort of paranormal chat room, if you will. The investigator can type a question or statement via tablet that will send to the Puck to be relayed to its environment.


REM Pods-there are several different variations of this device that include different features. The basic form of this device radiates its own Electromagnetic Field from an antenna at its top. The REM pod will light up and sound an alarm when this Electromagnetic field is disturbed. These are great for detecting movement that is not visible to the human eye which may indicate that an entity is near.


Spirit Boxes-There are several different versions of the spirit box, but in its basic form, this device uses an adjustable forward or reverse radio frequency sweep technique that allows for high-frequency white noise to be produced through the device’s speakers. The theory is that spirits have an easier time speaking through white noise and radio waves, so this device may provide an easier method of communication for the investigator.


Xcam SLS (Structured Light Sensor)Camera System-this is a portable camera with a variety of sensors including ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensors, and light frequency sensors. This camera is able to detect physical presences in a room—including those of spirits. The presences detected by this camera are displayed on screen as a mapped stick-figure shape.